My Desires of You

I want to lift you up in my arms
I need to swirl you in the air,
And assure you of my unending,uncontrollable, uncontainable love
I want to kick you out of the kitchen and just cook for you,
I want hold you tightly next to me
And feel the warmth of your wet lips on my neck,
I need to kiss you gently, tenderly
And a gazillion times shout to the galaxy,
That I am in love with you,
I need to assure you,
That you are always,
The purest of the gifts God has ever given me

I want to lay down on the rooftops

And count the stars that reflect on your beauty
And tell you nothings about my boyhood, manhood and masculinity
I wanna brag that you are mine to you and to the multiverse
I also want to pray with you for the love you have given me

I want to undress you

And watch you walk around naked
And just love the you that you are –
The definition of beauty that I delayed to own;
The heavenness that you have denied the world
And granted me

I want to author a book,

Describing the sophisticated mystery that you are,

Making sure your memory remains intact forever

And hey, I still want to keep promises I have made…

Yes, even those that I might have broken
I still consider you the mother of my babies,
For I haven’t had babies as many with another
As I have had with you
I want you to cuddle into me while we watch a movie
And I want to fall asleep on the couch with you next to me
Of course, I still need to make memories of lovemaking afresh
And rekindle the ones in the past with fervent reincarnation
And I still want to tell you, “I told you so”
When you eventually get to me at the altar
… and watch you cry
I still want to hold your face like a clamp and tell you I love you