We Bleed Kenya, We Breathe Kenya

So, you demons of death struck again,
So what? Really, so what?
You have been met with an undying spirit
One that you will never ever conquer
You may have caused a hitch
But nothing in our spirit did you switch
Given us thousands of Kenyan heroes to celebrate

Behold, we are donating our blood to blood,
Because we are blood
Something you haven’t in your blood –
Assuming it is, in the first place, blood.
We bleed Kenya
We breathe Kenya

You may have caused us to stumble,
Perhaps even bury us in some rubble,
But you will never our Kenyan spirit rumble
You will idiosyncracies make us fumble
But, but! We will never sit beneath your butts!
We shall like majestic peacocks arise in strutts!
As we frogmarch you on your squats

Haven’t you already seen!?
We cry,
Perhaps even wail in anguish
And you may have quickies of joy as we languish
But you know despite many an ambush,
You will never our true spirit extinguish
While our departed colleagues become our warrior angels,
You become Gehena’s spices

And please…
Don’t make this about our Muslim brethren,
We know them; we know Islam
You see, Christian Statham isn’t Haram
He is from the same womb as Kassam and Karam
We have lived with authentic Muslims,
We know Islam
Even though we don’t all La ila,
Kenyan Christians have Leila;
Kenyan Muslims have Laila
We are one and the same!
Practically from the same wombs!

We bleed Kenya,
We breathe Kenya,
We are not just Kenyans,
We ooze Kenya
Never to lose Kenya
For, you see,
Kenya is in me,
Kenya is me.

Inayat Kassam rescuing a lady from the 14 Riverside Drive heroic Kenyan display Photo Credits: Daily Nation